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Ailes, image consulting services / Evolution, image relooking : testimonials

Nos témoignages

Evolution, image relooking : testimonials

Image consulting and relooking: share your experience

Nadège (30 years old – Nantes)

A big thank you for yesterday morning, I tried them on again last night and the shoes are superb!!! Now I know what suits me! Thanks to you, I feel confident.

Anne-Sophie (42 years old – Strasbourg)

Thank you! The reactions I got this afternoon were great! The team, my family, customers … a lot of compliments, from both men and women, and very funny jokes (such as I look younger now!). I’m so grateful. I was wary of “changing” to begin with, but now I have to say I’m proud of it. With professionals like you, the result is guaranteed!

Michelle (44 years old – Bruxelles)

You have to dare to do it and yes, I’ve done it. One morning, I pushed open the door of the AILES image consulting agency. Maria listened closely to my request and was able to take my budget into account. At the first appointment I was quite reserved, but I very quickly gained confidence. I’d hardly left the agency before I was looking forward to the next appointment. Thanks to all this, I have become not another person but a person who now knows how to make the most of herself. Today, I want to go out, have fun. I want to get more out of life.

Mélanie (39 years old – Paris)

Regarding the wedding this weekend, I had lots of compliments on my new haircut and outfit. I was told I was more feminine, I was sexy, ravishing….

Sophie (33 years old – Paris)

I was a bit nervous at the beginning of my makeover, but after each appointment I felt better and better. Maria is a very good advisor; she found exactly what I was looking for and, in the end, I felt like a new woman, more sure of myself. I find myself beautiful!!!

Philippe (44 years old – Le Mans)

Thank you, you did an amazing job with my wife!!!

Sandrine (28 years old – Brussels)

Just a brief mail to tell you that I am flourishing with this change. My husband tells me quite poetically that I’m like a ‘Kinder’ egg: a surprise every day!!! Because every day he enjoys seeing what I wear and all the different looks. I can’t wait for our next meeting!