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Ailes, image consulting services / Colourimetry & morpho-body

Colorimétrie & Morpho-corps



The colours that suit you are revealed by matching your natural colours. The colour analysis will define the palette that fits with the harmony of your skin pigmentation, eye colour and natural hair shade. Detailed colourimetry will give you a positive image of yourself. While some colours make you look dull, others let you shine. We teach you to recognise the colours of the clothes that enhance and compliment you and those that do not suit you. The conclusions of our analysis will make life easier for you in your future wardrobe. Shopping will be a breeze when you are certain in your choices.

MORPHOLOGY (or morpho-body)

Clothes interact with your body: knowing your own characteristics, your body limits and accepting your differences, are the prerequisites for defining the axes that we can improve. Some of your physical aspects are “unmodifiable”: the colour of your skin, the length of your legs, your measurements or textures … The secret lies in revealing “the best” with what nature has offered you. By losing the sense of who you are or the reality of your physical characteristics, you condemn yourself to permanent dissatisfaction.

Resume :

  • Testing of colours and weaving.
  • Definition of shade that highlight your face with draping fabrics of different textures, colours and patterns.
  • Know your body characteristics and limits.
  • Accept to improve.