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Ailes, image consulting services / Visagism, hair & make-up

Visagism, hair & make-up



Visagism helps you determine the hairstyles adapted to the shape of your face and your silhouette. During this session, we study and analyse each of your facial features, to make an initial diagnosis of your look. We tell you which hairstyle would be best for you and why. To help you in your choice, we simulate a virtual cut on the screen, so that you can see your hair at its best before the first snip of the scissors.


Each face is unique and has its own shape. Make-up techniques differ from one person to another. The make-up should be adapted to your skin tone, your overall look and your lips. It should balance the shapes and contours of your face, taking into account the complexion and texture of your skin.


  • Suggested day and evening make-up.
  • Learn how to enhance your face with make-up by discovering the most suitable shades.
  • Suggestion for haircuts and colours.