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A la carte service

A la carte service


The colours that suit you are revealed by matching your natural colours. The colour analysis will define your palette based on the harmony of your skin pigmentation, your eye colour and your natural hair shade hair. Detailed colourimetry will give you a positive image of yourself. While some colours make you look dull, others allow you to shine.
We teach you to recognise the colours of the clothes that enhance you or those that are unflattering. The conclusions of our analysis will make life easier for you in your future wardrobe. Shopping will be a breeze when you are certain in your choices.

Morphology (or morpho-body)

Clothing interacts with your body: being familiar with your own characteristics, knowing your body limits and accepting your differences are the prerequisites for defining the facets that we can improve. Some of your physical aspects are “unmodifiable”: your skin colour, the length of your legs, your measurements and build … The secret lies in bringing out the best of what nature has endowed you with. Losing the sense of who you are and the reality of your physical characteristics, condemns you to permanent dissatisfaction.

Clothing advices

We propose a style analysis so that, together, we can take stock of your personality and your preferences. Based on a number of criteria, this analysis allows for the parameters that constitute your personality and your tastes:

  • Your personal judgement and your questions or doubts.
  • Your body line and proportions.
  • Your strengths and how to highlight them.
  • Our tips and advice on clothing and accessory use.


Personalized shopping will help you ensure that your purchases are fully successful and that you will have confidence in your future clothing choices. Clothes represent tools: by accepting this idea, shopping will be seen as an investment and not as an expense.

Visagism & hairdressing

Visagism helps you determine the hairstyles adapted to the shape of your face and your silhouette. During this session, we study and analyse each of your facial features, to make an initial diagnosis of your look. We tell you which hairstyle would be best for you and why. To help you in your choice, we simulate a virtual cut on the screen, so that you can see your hair at its best before the first snip of the scissors.


Each face is unique and has its own shape. Make-up techniques differ from one person to another. The make-up should be adapted to your skin tone, your overall look and your lips. It should balance the shapes and contours of your face, taking into account the complexion and texture of your skin.


The more formal the wedding, the more formal the bride’s dress will be. Naturally, everything depends on the chosen venue to give a more relaxed character to the marriage (in a country setting and in the early afternoon, for example), or a more formal ambience (in church and in the evening). The style of the bridal bouquet, the hairstyle and make-up will also depend on the dress worn by the bride. AILES will accompany you in all these steps to ensure that everything goes without a hitch and you can enjoy this special day without stress.


The services are many: from the purchase of a costume for a punctual occasion, from the examination of your morphology through the study of the most suitable colors or analysis of your image to adjust it to the requirements of your profession: AILES accompanies you with professionalism and discretion.

Table art

Preparing a table is an art in its own right. Its success depends on an ensemble of small details in the harmony and range of decorative elements: from the tablecloth to the tableware, to the arrangement of the cutlery and glasses appropriate for each dish, the floral compositions and the choice of table napkins …

The art of entertaining also entails many other facets: an aesthetic table composition, the welcome you extend to the guests, the convenience of the layout, the smooth service, the tone and ambience given to the evening, good manners and appropriate behaviour in all situations.

Preparing the table can be extremely time consuming when receiving friends and family, or for a one-time event. Its success is therefore a match between the style you have chosen and your personality; as a woman knows how to be elegant, so the dressing of the table necessitates a number of subtle niceties.


Nowadays, talking about good education, good manners or good citizenship can seem archaic, old-fashioned and dusty. And yet, it is fundamental! Especially in a society like ours, which has gradually forgotten some of these values. Knowing how to conduct yourself socially makes for a better atmosphere, encourages exchanges, discourages disagreements and allows everyone to feel respected.

Learn how to adopt an appropriate attitude in any situation by applying behaviour based on respect and courtesy.

Good manners, courtesy, civility and even etiquette form the basis of the respect that is indispensable to any formal event, public or private. Decency, which is necessary for intra-personal relations, knows no legal formality, but failure to respect it can result in a social sanction which, in most cases, leads to ridicule.