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Ailes, image consulting services / Dress Style & Shopping



We offer you a style analysis to allow us to study your personality and preferences. This analysis is based on a set of criteria that define you. It includes all the parameters that constitute your personality and tastes:

  • Your self-appreciation and your questions or doubts.
  • Your body line and proportions.
  • Your strengths and how to highlight them.
  • Our tips and advice on clothes and accessory use


Personalised shopping will help ensure that your purchases are entirely successful and give you confidence in your future clothing choices. Clothes represent tools: once you accept this idea, you will see shopping as an investment rather than an expense.

Resume :

  • Wardrobe review
  • Trying on your favourite clothes
  • Learning to assert your dress style
  • Bringing allure and charisma to your wardrobe
  • Visiting various stores and a presentation of current trends
  • Selecting the style that suits your personality, your desires, your needs and your budget
  • Accompanying you in your shopping