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Ailes, image consulting services / Evolution, image relooking : testimonials

Nos témoignages

Evolution, image relooking : testimonials

Josiane (58 years old – Paris)

Thank you for coaching me. I had a great day! And I realised that for you it’s really hard work and a lot of preparation! As you may have noticed: I need to get back on track and I’m not sure what suits me … Thanks again for your professional and friendly help, I enjoyed it in all respects.

Charlotte (39 years old – Le Mans)

A little message to thank you for this unforgettable performance!!! Both the contact with you and all your efforts. On my way home, I was still playing the “model” because my husband was enjoying it and wanted to take pictures, too…

Jeanne (37 years old – Bruxelles)

The makeover gave me more confidence in myself. I was able to naturally take a firm stance with my new colleagues. I’ve realised that the outfits are very important in the presence of strangers and in business.

Margaux (30 years old – Honfleur)

I used to be one of those women who think they are not beautiful enough to be dressed up, who don’t like their bodies and take advantage of that dislike to not take care of them, who think they are too busy to take the time to get ready in the morning. In short, I used to be one of those women who swear by the “natural” look, not because it’s better, but because it’s easier.

Then I met Maria, who welcomed me with warmth and empathy and put me at ease immediately. I wasn’t sure what I was doing there: a post-natal whim or the influence of a converted girlfriend? Do I really have anything to do with the superb woman standing in front of me? I thought. How could she understand me, someone whom nature seems to have endowed with all the qualities? Realising all this was new to me, Maria guessed everything, Maria understood everything, Maria can do it all! From the interview to the photo shoot, from the analysis of my wardrobe to doing the boutiques, she has shown herself to be, flexible, patient, a good listener who never counts her time. Result: not a real makeover, because I wanted to remain myself, but I learned efficiently and rapidly how to do justice to my attributes. And that’s not what Maria did best; her method is much more remarkable than that. Within a few hours, she succeeded in what no one had done in more than thirty years: she reconciled me with myself and taught me how to appreciate myself as I am. And that’s priceless.